Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Quelque Chose Patisserie, Ottawa, Canada

If you follow me on Instagram (hint: @straighttothehipsbaby), you'll see that I travel up to the 'Great White North' fairly often. My husband is originally from Ottawa, Canada, but we've had an amazing time travelling all over that vast country! Each city and Province has it's own unique feel & flavor. Vancouver, in British Columbia, was all about fresh seafood (and outrageously good ramen). In Montreal, Quebec, I reach for delicious poutine, or a table for provincial French food at Joe Beef. The Banff /Calgary area of Alberta, serves some of the highest quality and most amazing meat preparations I've ever experienced!

Ottawa is interesting too. It's a mishmash of different cuisines and cultures, all spilling out from one city. It's the national capital, like the Washington D.C. of Canada, so there is a focus on international influence and cultural diversity. It's not a huge city like Toronto or Montreal, but you can find terrific Thai, Italian, Mediterranean, or French food - anything you're looking for, and there are five-star restaurants when you want something fancy, all of which can be had while rubbing elbows with diplomats & government officials!

But, it wasn't the 'small menu and extensive wine list' restaurants of the city that caught my eye on our last visit. It was a beautifully focused & high quality macaron shop that completely stole my heart. Walking into this gorgeous, unpretentious, little patisserie was like stepping into another world of color and magic. Quelque Chose Patisserie is a family run business, serving up the best fresh macarons in the city.

Stop in for a few, or a whole tower, of macarons and you won't be disappointed! Traditional flavors like Lavender and Vanilla meet the unique - Caramel London Fog or Nutella, anyone? Delicious gourmet teas and coffees are on hand, as well as speciality drinks. I was particularly interested in their macaron workshops, where they will instruct you on the art of these little almond cookies. Looking for a magical way to spend an afternoon? Book an 'afternoon tea', and blissfully sample dainty sandwiches, pastries, macarons and tea. They offer a vegetarian version too!

With 3 locations around Ottawa, QuelqueChose Patisserie is proving that pairing quality gourmet sweets with lovely ambiance - without making a trip to Paris - is a winning combination.

P.S. Hit me with your best macaron recipes, tips, and resources! I want to learn how to bake these little beauties!

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